Who We Are

This is a family owned and operated web site. We’ve produced this website since February 1999. Its purpose is to make it easy for you to build things and renovate your home.

As a professional carpenter, renovator and contractor, I have four decades of experience as a builder to share.

I’ve made each of the items on this site as a project for you to build yourself.

We are Canadian but all the prices on this site are listed in US dollars, which has become a kind of standard on the Internet. Since we’re not financial wizards, we leave the conversions up to you, if you prefer another currency to US dollars. So far, this has been generally acceptable, but if it is a problem to you, then please tell us and we’ll come up with something better.

By the way, all the prices on this site are the complete prices. We won’t surprise you anywhere with hidden costs or tacked on ‘handling fees’ of any kind.

If you have any suggestions about the site itself, you are welcome to send them to my brother Dan, the site’s webmaster. He will be happy to receive your ideas and will almost always respond within 24 hours.

Please view our Privacy Policy.

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